Ordering Vaccines

The Nevada State Immunization Program processes enrolled provider vaccine requests monthly through a “Monthly Memo” notification. The amount of vaccine approved is calculated by a provider’s reported average monthly usage and most often a 60 day supply is allowed. Provider sites are required to submit vaccine inventory and accountability reports on a monthly basis indicating vaccine doses used and vaccine doses remaining in inventory. Enrolled provider sites must use and submit the most current reporting forms each month.

How to Order Vaccine

Each month fax all the following to the Nevada State Immunization Program at (775) 684-8338:

Please Remember

  • Incomplete report forms are returned for correction, which could result in the vaccine request being placed on hold
  • Emergency requests are allowed only during “Outbreak” situations
  • Vaccines should arrive within ten (10) days after the vaccine request confirmation is received by the provider
  • Providers are encouraged to maintain a 60-day supply of vaccine inventory
  • If it is necessary for the office to submit a second vaccine request (e.g., you forgot to ask for something, etc.), then you must write “Supplemental” on the margins of Form 1 when you send in the supplemental request (please note that supplemental requests are discarded if there is failure to notify NSIP that a request is supplemental to paperwork already submitted)