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Nevada WebIZ is moving! Nevada WebIZ will be upgraded on October 24, 2015 to reflect some additional features and updates to the IIS. Please review the following document for a list of these changes. As part of the upgrade, the immunization information system (IIS) will be migrated to the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud-based environment. This move will ensure our ability […]

Needle Tips is a publication written for health professionals who provide immunization services to children, teens, or adults. Every issue includes the Ask the Experts feature by CDC experts who answer challenging and timely questions about vaccines and their administration; the Vaccine Highlights section which contains vaccine news from ACIP and CDC; and ready-to-print materials from IAC to photocopy and […]

Why get vaccinated? Gardasil-9 prevents many cancers caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infections, including: cervical cancer in females, vaginal and vulvar cancers in females, and anal cancer in females and males. In addition to these cancers, Gardasil-9 also prevents genital warts in both females and males. In the U.S., about 12,000 women get cervical cancer every year, and about 4,000 […]

What You Need to Know Why get vaccinated? Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) disease is a serious disease caused by bacteria. It usually affects children under 5 years old. It can also affect adults with certain medical conditions. Your child can get Hib disease by being around other children or adults who may have the bacteria and not know it. […]

What You Need to Know Why get vaccinated? Rotavirus is a virus that causes diarrhea, mostly in babies and young children. The diarrhea can be severe, and lead to dehydration. Vomiting and fever are also common in babies with rotavirus. Before rotavirus vaccine, rotavirus disease was a common and serious health problem for children in the United States. Almost all […]

What You Need to Know Why get vaccinated? Vaccination can protect older adults (and some children and younger adults) from pneumococcal disease. Pneumococcal disease is caused by bacteria that can spread from person to person through close contact. It can cause ear infections, and it can also lead to more serious infections of the: Lungs (pneumonia), Blood (bacteremia), and Covering […]

Both the Td and Tdap Vaccine Information Statements have been updated, and are now available. They have been updated to make them “final,” as opposed to “interim” editions. They are not significantly different than the previous editions, which may be used while existing stocks last.

The CDC has published interim editions dated February, 2014 for both HIB and Td vaccines. Previous versions of HIB and Td VIS’s may be used, first as no substantial changes were made, however any new VIS’s printed by your facility must be the most current version. The new Td VIS replaces the Tdap/Td VIS, dated January, 2012, which has been […]

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) approved a 2014 immunization schedule in October 2013, which includes several changes from the 2013 schedule. Be sure you are using the most current version. 2014 Immunization Schedule (printable version)