PPSV23 and Td Available to Providers

Single Dose PPSV23 and Td Available to providers for VFC Eligible Populations

If you treat children ages 2-18 years for diabetes, any immunocompromising conditions or children who are on long term corticosteroid treatment, then be sure to consider immunizing with PPSV23.

The following linked PDFs explain why:

Pneumococcal Vaccination Recommendations for Children and Adults by Age and/or Risk Factor

Pneumococcal Vaccines – CDC Answers Your Questions

Children ages 7-18 years who are VFC eligible may receive VFC funded Td vaccine if they meet the criteria:

  • Child has not received the appropriate DTaP series before their 7th birthday. Tdap would be administered first and if the child is still deficient, then Td would be administered according to the ACIP catch-up schedule.
  • Child has a tetanus-prone wound and received a Tdap vaccine 5 or more years earlier.
  • Both vaccines can be specially ordered through the Nevada VFC Program in single-dose increments.