How Does it Work?

We know that vaccines are one of the best tools we have to keep kids healthy, but the effectiveness of immunization programs depends on availability. The Nevada VFC Program is a federally funded program that helps families receive inexpensive or free vaccines. The vaccines are provided by the government and administered in a doctor’s office or clinic.

Step 1: Make sure your child is eligible for the Nevada VFC Program.

Step 2: Find a VFC location in Nevada—The VFC Program is available at a doctor’s office, your local health department, some pharmacies, rural health clinics and FQHC locations. Once you’ve found a convenient location make an appointment.

*Please note some locations may not be currently accepting new patients.

Step 3: When you arrive at your appointment, be prepared to fill-out paperwork provided by the healthcare provider to confirm that you are eligible for the Nevada VFC program. You do not need identification or any other documentation.